Invisalign Lite

NEW Horizons for Invisalign
Invisalign Lite. More freedom to smile.

The future is clear

Invisalign Lite is made with the same state of the art technology as all Invisalign aligners. But new Invisalign Lite can treat a greater variety of cases than Invisalign Express. Designed with fewer clinical restrictions and up to 14 aligner stages, Invisalign Lite is the more affordable solution for smile enhancements and pre-restorative treatments.

More…more…more…clear smiles

Including the latest advancements of the new features designed for Enhanced Clinical Predictability, new Invisalign Lite is designed to deliver more predictable results.

Invisalign Lite uses the same concept of using Invisalign aligners in moving teeth into place as with a conventional full invisalign treatment. The main difference between Invisalign and Invisalign Lite is that Invisalign Lite is used for cases with shorter-duration solution.

Invisalign Lite may be used in cases such as:

  1. A precursor to restorative treatments : whereby Invisalign Express is first done followed up with cosmetic dentistry such as porcelain veneers and crowns
  2. A treatment for minor crowding/spacing cases : whereby the Invisalign Lite treatment timeline is projected in six months or so
  3. A treatment for orthodontic relapse cases : whereby Invisalign Lite is able to move teeth back into positions